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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age limit on your classes?


We accept students age 18 and up. At this time we do not run classes for younger participants.


How many people are in your classes?


Our hands-on classes are typically for a maximum of 6-8 people. We do sometimes have larger groups for things like evening presentations.


Can I buy a course as a gift for someone else?


Yes. Please use the attendees name and your email address to make the booking. In the box "Anything you want us know?" just write "This is a gift from [your name]". As soon as you want the attendee to know about the gift just email us to tell us how we can contact them directly. We do also sell Gift Cards that once purchased can be applied towards the cost of any course or lecture.

Can you help me find accommodation?


If you need help finding accommodation please ask for some recommendations. For our short courses we have compiled a list of local motels, hotels and other options that is available here.


What are the food and dining options near the school?


The nearest food and dining options are about a 5 to 10 minute drive away. We recommenced that students bring lunch with them. We have a refrigerator, kettle and microwave for your use and a scenic outdoor dining area.


Do you give out qualifications or certificates?


Students who successfully complete the 9 month program will receive our Diploma in Fine Woodworking. Certificates are available on request for our short courses.


What do your classes cost?


The price for each course can be found in the course description.

I want to pay by cash or check for my class - how do I do that?

Our online booking works for credit and debit cards only. If you prefer to pay by cash or check that is fine too - just send us a message and we'll reserve you a place.


Do you offer one-on-one private tuition?


Yes. We offer private tuition at a rate of $90 per hour or a discounted rate of $650 for a full 8 hour day. Please inquire.


Can you run a short class for a private group of family, friends or co-workers?


Yes. Please contact us to discuss the options that may be available.


I’m a total beginner looking for a short course – which should I take?


If you are just starting out you will learn the most from taking our Introduction to Hand Tool Woodworking and/or Introduction to Machine Woodworking courses first. These are 5 day classes. If you’d prefer a 2 day class instead our “Hand Cut Mortise and Tenon” class or our "Beginner's Woodworking Weekend" are both great introductions to the craft.

What’s the difference between your short courses and the evening lecture series?


Our short courses contain some classroom instruction but are primarily hands-on at the bench or machine floor - you’ll be making something. Our evening lectures series is primarily a classroom affair with expert demonstrations and little to no hands-on activity for attendees.


Do I need to bring my own tools?


No. You are welcome to bring your own but we do provide all the tools needed on our short courses. Students taking our 9 month intensive fine woodworking program will eventually want their own tools and will be given a recommended tool list.


The course I want to take is already sold out – are you running it again?


Almost certainly yes. Please check back later. If you would like advance warning of new class announcements please add your name to our mailing list.

Student routing a table leg
Using a marking knife and bevel gauge
Making wooden dowels
A disassembled hand plane
Greg Zall with Skewed Coffee Table
A stack of wood for sale
Gluing canvas to a tambour
A marquetry butterfly and flower
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