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The Two Rock School of Woodworking is grateful for the generous donations received from the following individuals and organizations:

  • Steve Wigfield, Petaluma CA

  • Gordon Mandeno (Mandeno Construction, Inc), Rohnert Park, CA

  • Todd Finnemore, Penngrove, CA

  • Steve Greenberg, Santa Rosa, CA

  • Zachary and Ninah Moran (Estate Of Art Hoffman), Kensington, CA

  • Gary Gilberg, (Quality Crafted Homes) Truckee CA

  • Michael Cullen, Petaluma CA

  • Don Jereb, Santa Rosa, CA

  • Chris Fallon, India

  • Mike Center, Santa Rosa, CA

  • Randy Nagy, Petaluma CA

  • Nathaniel Valley, Petaluma CA

  • Virginia Less, Petaluma CA


If you would like to make a donation to the Two Rock School of Woodworking please contact us. We accept financial donations that can be used to provide scholarships to economically disadvantaged students and also donations of wood and tools.

Woodworking benches in the school
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